Every time an SNL alum returns to the host the show, they are often granted the chance to dust off characters and recurring sketches. Sometimes, the results can be a little sad. Sometimes, the results can be funny and get your nostalgia pumping into overdrive. Tracy Morgan returning to the character of Brian Fellow was the definitely the latter...even though one of his co-stars did steal the sketch right out from under him.

First introduced in 1999, Brian Fellow is the host of Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet, a TV talk show that tries to introduce the audience to various members of the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, Brian himself is a bit of a dim bulb who has no business hosting a television show, especially one that centers around animals, which he knows nothing about. The format is always the same: guests bring on animals, Brian asks ludicrous questions. Rinse and repeat.

It's a formula that Morgan is able to slide right into once more. Things start off well enough when the beaver shows up and Brian's logic for believing that beavers smoke cigarettes is funny stuff. But the sketch really comes into its own with the arrival of the camel, who doesn't care about sketch comedy blocking and proceeds to cause all kinds of mayhem. Live TV, right?

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