Benedict Cumberbatch may make for a Strange SNL host this weekend, but as everyone knows, next week might be the most in need of some levity. Thankfully, Dave Chappelle will answer that call in a rare TV appearance, hosting the followup outing with an equally exciting musical guest.

NBC confirms that comedian and former Chappelle’s Show host Dave Chappelle will make his SNL debut hosting the November 12 outing, one week after Benedict Cumberbatch. Joining Chappelle as musical guest is none other than A Tribe Called Quest, also making their debut on the series.

For his part, Chappelle has largely stuck to standup in recent years, especially after the infamous controversy around his 2005 exit from Chappelle’s Show. The comedian also did ten nights of standup at Radio City Music Hall in 2014, and appeared in Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq.

Hard to say exactly what brings Chappelle to SNL for the first time, but will the surprise return make for one of the most-watched outings in years?

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