Just last week, a profile of Eddie Murphy shed light on his declining the role of Bill Cosby for SNL’s 40th anniversary event, citing his lack of interest in denigrating the fallen idol any further. That pudding appears to have spilled however, as Murphy put on his best Cosby to accept the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize.

Sunday saw Murphy being honored with the nation’s top prize for humor, celebrated as “an American icon” by the like of Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Kathy Griffin, Dave Chappelle, and Trevor Noah. In accepting the award, Murphy joked that Cosby had once been bestowed with the same honor, which the crowd was now likely to demand the disgraced icon return.

Murphy then reprised the “Pudding Pop” voice from his 1987 Eddie Muprhy Raw concert, saying:

I would like to talk to some of the people who feel like I should give back my motherf—in’ trophies … You may have heard recently that I allegedly put the pill in the people’s stomach … If I ever see or meet this Hannibal Buress in person I am going to try and kill this man!

The exchange was also notable as one of the few documented occasions of the last 28 years that Murphy told jokes in front of a live audience, one he’d first tested for a private gathering of Arsenio Hall and Chris Rock, per The Washington Post.

Murphy previously offered of his declining the Bill Cosby role for SNL 40's “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch:

It’s horrible. There’s nothing funny about it. If you get up there and you crack jokes about him, you’re just hurting people. You’re hurting him. You’re hurting his accusers. I was like, ‘Hey, I’m coming back to SNL for the anniversary, I’m not turning my moment on the show into this other thing.’

You can watch Murphy’s reprised impression for yourself above (starting at around the 2:27 mark), but could we see Murphy returning to standup before long?

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