Kanye West Almost Walked Off Latest SNL After 'Meltdown'
Spirited a performance though Kanye West gave at this past weekend’s SNL under host Melissa McCarthy, the always-tempestuous artist appeared visibly upset in his brief promo appearances. There may have been more to that story than West’s usual dour expression however, as reports claim Kanye very nearly bailed last-minute over stress.
Eddie Murphy Impersonates Bill Cosby After SNL 40 Refusal
Just last week, a profile of Eddie Murphy shed light on his declining the role of Bill Cosby for SNL’s 40th anniversary event, citing his lack of interest in denigrating the fallen idol any further. That pudding appears to have spilled however, as Murphy put on his best Cosby to accept the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize.
Tracy Morgan Brings Brian Fellow Back to SNL
Every time an SNL alumni returns to the host the show, they are often granted the chance to dust off characters and recurring sketches. Sometimes, the results can be a little sad. Sometimes, the results can be funny and get your nostalgia pumping into overdrive. Tracy Morgan returning to the character of Brian Fellow was the definitely the latter...even though one of his co-stars did steal the sketch right out from under him.
SNL Preview: Tracy Morgan Returns, Gets Everyone Pregnant
Yesterday’s horrid SNL news aside, this weekend will bring one of the most anticipated outings of the year, as alumni Tracy Morgan returns to the SNL stage after 2014's debilitating accident. As we saw at the Emmys, Tracy is still Tracy, getting everyone pregnant, and mistaking Bobby Moynihan for Horatio Sanz, as one does.
Eddie Murphy Explains Refusal to Play Bill Cosby for SNL 40
For as much hype as SNL garnered in returning so many past alum for its 40th anniversary special, Eddie Murphy’s long-awaited return seemed curiously brief. Norm MacDonald since explained that the revered comedian had declined to portray Bill Cosby in the all-star Celebrity Jeopardy sketch, and now Murphy himself explains the decision.
Bill Hader to Host ‘SNL’ on October 11
Former Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader is making his return to Studio 8H, hosting the October 11 episode with musical guest Hozier. Bill Hader's great, but the announcement is a little disappointing only because it means the Bill Murray hosting rumors turned out to be false (for now...
Nasim Pedrad’s Aziz Ansari Impression Is Accurate and Nightmarish
Nasim Pedrad won't be returning to Saturday Night Live when the 40th season kicks off later this month, but she recently appeared on Conan and relived some of her glory days from the show. After telling a story about her run-in with frequent impersonation target Kim Kardashian, Pedrad revealed that she also tried very hard to get a sketch on the show featuring her in Aziz Ansari garb...

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