After years of struggling to find the right director and — more importantly — the right actor for the Richard Pryor biopic, the film is finally on its way to production, with Lee Daniels at the helm. Back in August, Mike Epps was confirmed for the role of the late Pryor, but the film may be close to casting another iconic comedian as Tracy Morgan is reportedly in talks to play Redd Foxx.

According to The Wrap, Morgan is in discussions to play the role of Foxx, the noted comedian who went on to star in the classic ’70s sitcom Sanford and Son. In the as-yet-titled Pryor biopic, Foxx will be featured as a “brash comedian” who encourages Pryor to hone his stand-up skills by acknowledging his cultural heritage. Pryor would eventually appear on Sanford and Son with his old mentor.

Morgan recently made his comeback after taking over a year off from acting and stand-up following injuries he sustained in a serious car accident last summer. The actor returned to SNL in October as guest host, and has signed on to star in the comedy film Fist Fight.

The upcoming biopic is also set to star Eddie Murphy (who worked with Pryor and Foxx in real life on Harlem Nights) as Pryor’s father Leroy “Buck Carter” Pryor, and Oprah Winfrey as Pryor’s grandmother, who raised the late comic in a brothel. Kate Hudson will play Pryor’s wife, Jennifer Lee Pryor, while her off-screen inspiration is overseeing the biopic.

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