Yesterday’s horrid SNL news aside, this weekend will bring one of the most anticipated outings of the year, as alumni Tracy Morgan returns to the SNL stage after 2014's debilitating accident. As we saw at the Emmys, Tracy is still Tracy, getting everyone pregnant, and mistaking Bobby Moynihan for Horatio Sanz, as one does.

We had wondered perhaps if Morgan might sit out the weekly SNL promos to rest up for Saturday’s big return, but the 30 Rock star is seemingly back to his old self by the above promos. Morgan also previously hosted SNL in 2009, and will this time be joined by Demi Lovato as musical guest.

After a shaky start with Miley Cyrus, Season 41 of SNL rebounded big time this past weekend with Trainwreck star Amy Schumer making her hosting debut, though Tracy Morgan might yet  prove the biggest of the three. Following this weekend, SNL will take off the intervening two weeks, before returning with presidential blowhard Donald Trump’s second hosting turn, this time joined by Sia as musical guest.

You can celebrate Morgan’s return by the promos above, and stay tuned for the latest SNL right here.

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