Nasim Pedrad won't be returning to Saturday Night Live when the 40th season kicks off later this month, but she recently appeared on Conan and relived some of her glory days from the show. After telling a story about her run-in with frequent impersonation target Kim Kardashian, Pedrad revealed that she also tried very hard to get a sketch on the show featuring her in Aziz Ansari garb. Luckily, there was footage of the unaired sketch, and her impression is both wild accurate and completely unsettling.

Or, as Pedrad puts it, "Me as Aziz is a real boner-eraser."

Check it out below, then be sure to read our previous cover story on Aziz.

Side note: with a sketch comedy background and a starring role on an NBC show, how has Aziz never hosted SNL??

[via Team Coco]

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