Conde Nast signed a deal with 20th Century Fox, according to WWD. The recent deal will allow Conde Nast Entertainment to produce both scripted  shows for 20th Century Fox Television, as well as cable projects on Fox 21’s division. This means that there’s a strong possibility that juggernaut men’s magazines such as GQ and Details may eventually be able to develop a show centered on men’s fashion. ("Aw, that’s cute," says Esquire.)

Of course, like anything at Conde Nast, any show about men’s fashion will be painfully dumbed down to help appeal to a greater audience. But, it may help more men get their foot in the sartorial door, and that’s great news for a site like, oh, Antenna, since there will be a larger audience of fashion geeks to attract.

Mainly, though, if this deal results in some TV highlighting fashion-forward men, we hope they’re portrayed in a more realistic light than the ego-driven metrosexual that everyone seems to hate nowadays. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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