Summer is finally coming to an end, which means we can all stop exhausting every shorts and t-shirt combination we have in our closets. Awesome news. If we see another pair of salmon J. Crew shorts or anything seersucker, we’ll vomit.

So for all you dapper lads gearing up for fall, you're in luck because GQ is back again with retail monster, Gap, for 2014's Best New Menswear Designers in America collection. To be frank, last year’s drop wasn’t all that exciting (honesty’s our policy) but they took a huge leap forward this year with a great mix that has a little something for everybody.

Notables include a pair of twill pants from M. Nii (paired with a braided belt!), John Elliott’s insane hoodie with zips on the sides, a super-affordable corduroy suit by Brooklyn Tailors, and a pair of En Noir sweats so sweet that I’m taking my pants off as I write this.

The collection drops in stores and online September 30th. Get to it.

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