Forget the Emmy snubs, FOX’s Empire just won the fall. We won’t have to wait until September for a fresh look at the Lyons’ latest drama, as FOX has officially dropped the first Empire Season 2 trailer online, chock full of money, power, and some serious Orange.

Granted no one speaks a word of dialogue (it is a music-driven drama, after all), our first look at new Empire Season 2 footage puts Lucius’ freedom at the forefront, staging a benefit concert to get the Empire patriarch released from jail, before we finally see the man himself, decked out in orange. Question is, will the rest of the Lyons grow too attached to their newfound power?

In addition to its September 23 premiere, Empire Season 2 will expand to 18 episodes, up from the first run’s 12, and structured in two halves with a major cliffhanger between. Thus far, Season 2 guest stars include Andre Royo, Kelly Rowland, Marisa Tomei, Adam Rodriguez, Chris Rock, Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys, while hip-hop artist Ne-Yo will join Timbaland in writing music for Season 2.

You can check out our first glimpse of Empire’s fall return below, but will Season 2 prove as monstrous a hit as its predecessor?

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