FOX’s Empire may not be the same ratings juggernaut as its first season, but that isn’t stopping FOX from re-teaming with creator Lee Daniels for another powerhouse music drama. To wit, Queen Latifah has joined the new female-centric music drama Star, additionally casting the three unknown leads, and adding writers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Queen Latifah will take the role of Atlanta beauty salon owner Carlotta, who becomes a surrogate mother to the three girls despite doubting their musical aspirations. Additionally, newcomers Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady have joined as series leads Star, Alexandra and Simonne, respectively.

So read the initial descriptions:

Star, an 18-year-old white woman with a “badass attitude.”

Alexandra, a black woman around the age of 20. Though she’s described as “elegant” and “classic,” she wants to abandon her “material world” in the hopes of making “real, authentic music.”

Simone, 16, is Star’s half-white, half-black sister. She’s simply described as “tragic and adorable.”

In addition, Tom Donaghy joins as writer and executive producer alongside The Butler alum Pamela Oas Williams and Dear White People’s Effie Brown. Production will commence in Atlanta this month, though it remains to be seen when FOX will make a decision on the pilot, or if the series would perhaps end up paired with Empire, or stage an outright crossover.

You can find more character details at the link above, but does Star sound like a worthy followup to Empire from Lee Daniels and FOX?

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