Remember when Vince Vaughn was on that "serious role" kick, which culminated with him masturbating as Norman Bates? Well, if the ceaseless True Detective name generator is to be believed, we could see Vaughn on the HBO series' second season getting all actor-y again. TVLine reports that Vaughn is "in preliminary talks to play one of the three leads" next season, which of course doesn't preclude the involvement of Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch, who were both reported to be in talks for the new season as well.

The Emmy-nominated show's next run of episodes will take place in California, and it will comprise three or possibly four central characters — which can only mean the big reveal is that we're actually watching Trent and the rest of the Swingers guys pick up the pieces of their lives after failing as actors and settling as California transit system workers.

[via TVLine]

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