Colin Farrell is the latest star to have his name attached to True Detective season 2, but the newest round of rumors has nothing to do with casting. Instead, through a connect-the-dots game of blog sources, major plot details seem to have emerged about the California storyline. If you want to avoid potential spoilers for the overarching plot of season 2, stop reading now — but feel free to browse through our other #relevant content, like this or that stuff up there ^^^

Indiewire cites the blog Film Divider, which claims to have some inside info that would confirm some of the details creator Nic Pizzolatto made public earlier this year regarding next season's transit system-centric plot. Apparently the occult will have a role in the story but won't be the driving force. The three leads are now four, with two men, one woman, and a TBD fourth. But here's what could be the major arc of the season, from Film Divider:

"The new mystery is to be kickstarted by the murder of Ray Caspar, City Manager of a fictional Californian city. From what I can gather, the new, partly invented map that Pizzolatto is drawing will be essential to his new story. As he teased, some months ago, part of the mystery will involve California's transportation systems. This plot will involve a corrupt scheme to link North and South California with a high speed train, all in pursuit of profitable land ownership and lucrative federal grants."

Like Hell on Wheels, but entertaining.

[via Defamer]

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