It’s a rare condition in this day and age, to read any bad news when it comes to Luke Cage. We wouldn’t dare break that streak, either, as the minds behind that Avengers/Full House parody have now brought us a mashup of Luke Cage with Family Matters, and it’s eerily perfect.

Once again, YouTube creator Zach Ace set to work on mashing up the Marvel Cinematic Universe with some good old-fashioned sitcom nostalgia, the results of which are better than you might expect. It’s definitely an extended version of the intro (for those used to some of the shorter TGIF days), but fitting to include as much of Luke Cage’s cast as possible.

We don’t yet know if Luke Cage himself will return for a second season (some suspect the series might combine with Iron Fist Season 2 for a “Heroes for Hire”), but at least until The Defenders, it’s on us to enjoy and remix Marvel’s most recent Netflix hero as often as possible.

Now, someone toss in a “Did I do that?” to Cage’s rampage of Dillard headquarters, and we’re off and running!

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