The dust is still settling on whether Luke Cage marks the most Power-ful of Netflix’s Defender series, but certainly working in its favor is the rich complement of musicians, some of whom even contribute to the soundtrack. Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker apparently even paid tribute to Prince in an early episode, hoping the legendary musician would cameo.

The Luke Cage creator and former music journalist shared the surprising tidbit over Twitter, pointing out that Pop’s barber shop swear jar was actually a nod to Prince, who famously kept his own at Paisley Park after swearing off … well, swears. Coker hoped Prince might screen early episodes and agree to a cameo, though the artist passed away in April 2016:

That said (and beware of spoilers), Coker acknowledges that the finale’s ultimate musical act pulled less focus:

Inducting Prince in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have been an impressive feat not even the movies have managed, but the series otherwise boasts notable appearances from Raphael Saadiq, Charles Bradle, Faith Evans, Method Man and more.

You can also listen to the Luke Cage soundtrack in full, while all episodes are available to stream.

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