Ever since Phife Dawg passed away on March 22, tributes from fellow rappers have been steadily pouring in. A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip provided rap fans with the greatest honor to the Five-Footer -- music. On Friday (March 25), Tip presented a special Abstract Radio program paying tribute to his late friend Phife Dawg.

For two hours, Q-Tip went into his personal vault of ACTQ live performances and rare tracks. The mix kicked off with Phife’s concert performance of “Oh My God” and then segueing into songs from their classic albums People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders. Intermix with the songs are pre-recorded tributes to the Five-Foot Assassin from Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, OutKast, Chuck D and more.

“The world lost Phife, but Phife himself actually gained the universe. He is now with the master, entrenched and enmeshed in the best chords...in heaven” - Pharrell Williams

“Checking in for the late great, the legendary Phife Dawg. Me being one of the new cats, all I can remember is either listening to gangster rap or Low End Theory. So it’s only right that i pay homage to Phife and Tribe...If i go back to being five, size years old, I remember being acquainted with the legendary, and it was a record by the name of “Scenario." The flow was crazy, the beat was crazy, but one line stuck out ot me in particular the..the line in particular: “I’m all that and then some short dark and handsome / Bust a nut inside your eye, to show you where I come from"

I just thought that line was witty at the time you feel me being a kid as six years old...I’m short myself so I was rocking that way...Being witty and crafty as possible, and that’s exactly what he did with that line. There’s many many many more but that was my first time ever being excited hearing Phife...much love to him and his family...everything that you’ve done for the culture everything that you’ve done for hip hop we will always hold it down for Phife." - Kendrick Lamar

"A Tribe Called Quest is everything, everything to me,” he said. “There will not be no Outkast without A Tribe Called Quest. I remember me and Big Boi were out trying to get a deal and become OutKast. We went through a few managers and producers to come up and be something, and our last stop on the trip was to see Organized Noize.

We went up to his job and we went out to his car…he actually pulled out A Tribe Called Quest cassette...and that’s what we used to rhyme over. So when we met Organized Noize, that was our first demo off what we could do. We just let the tape go and just rapped, no choruses or nothing. We were just rapping rapping rapping rapping in the parking lot. It’s so crazy that Tribe was so integral in what we’re doing and what we are and wanted to be." - Andre 3000

"Full-out salute to my brother Phife. Little brother Phife Dawg, a hip-hop rap world warrior. He lived and breathed hip-hop. The man’s a social narrator along with the world-legendary all-time A Tribe Called Quest. What aa team along with Q-Tip, along with Ali Shaheed Muhammad, along with Jarobi. Team player in the game and really from Queens, these kings. Even had the first lady salute as well. Shout out to my man Phife, the warrior. Peace. A Tribe Called Quest forever." - Chuck D

Overall, this is an incredible mix and certainly one we will cherish here at the BoomBox offices. Listen to the tribute mix below and don't be afraid to shed a tear for the beloved MC Phife Dawg.

Listen to Q-Tip's Abstract Radio Tribute to Phife Dawg