After teasing fans with a 30 second clip of the video yesterday (Nov. 17), A Tribe Called Quest has released, "We the People," the first video from their standout album, We Got it From Here...Thank You For Your Service.

As aforementioned, the video starts with a view of the New York City skyline before showing people from different neighborhoods hustling to set up speakers on rooftops before the camera dips to Q-Tip rapping the opening verse to the people in front of a lot of microphones.

“We don’t believe you ’cause we the people/Are still here in the rear, ayo, we don’t need you/You in the killing-off-good-young-n— mood/When we get hungry we eat the same f—ing food/The ramen noodle,” Q-Tip raps in the dope opening lines of the song.


Dedicated to Phife Dawg, who passed away earlier this year due to complications with diabetes, the video pays dope homage to him during his verse, with a huge image of the rapper plastered on the side of a building wall.

"The only one who's hitting are the ones that's currently spittin'/We got your missy smitten rubbing on her little kitten/Dreaming of a world that's equal for women with no division/Boy, I tell you that's vision/Like Tony Romo when he hitting Witten/The Tribe be the best in they division," Phife spits.

All in all, it's a great visual for the song and also features cameos from Busta Rhymes an Consequence, both of whom also appeared on ATCQ's stint on SNL last Saturday. The song has certainly emerged as a socio-political anthem and rallying call, particularly post-Trump. The video ends with a swarm of people hitting the streets in protest.

Tribe, whose album is expected to hit No.1 on the charts, recently resigned with a creative arts agency, with Q-Tip hinting at the possibility of a world tour before the group is finally done for ever.

While we hope and pray that happens, check the dope clip above.

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