On January 15, Bonhams Scottsdale Auction kicks off, and if you're a classic-car junkie, it's time to hit up Orbitz and see if there are still any last-minute flights available. So, what's on the block? Pretty much you name it, it's there -- Ferraris, JaguarsAlfa Romeos, Maseratis, Aston Martins, Mercedes, Porsches, we even saw a few Toyotas in there. (Classic Toyotas, you snob.)

And best of all, you're not gonna need $2 million to fetch one of these bad boys. Well, if you want to spend that kind of cash, you could bid on this 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB, but that's between you and your wallet.

There's a ton of stunning, vintage autos up for auction, and we encourage you to take a look through all of them. To give you an idea of just how special this group of cars is, we picked out 10 of our favorites -- one from each year in the 1960s, and even that came down to some very tough choices. Pics above, links below:


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