This week in cars we'll never be able to afford but still like to look at: the 1971 Lamborghini Miura SVJ. If you thought that LM002 we showed you last week was a bit pricey at $200,000, well, multiply that by 10 and you'll get your hands on this beauty.

But enough with all the scary financial stuff. Let's get down to why this automobile is special enough to command such lofty numbers. For starters, very few were ever made, either of the Miura model in general or the SVJ in particular. In 1966, when the Miura debuted, it was "the fastest production car in the world." Its stunningly beautiful look garnered it immediate acclaim and demand.

In fact, Lamborghini engineers had to design the Miura in secret, since Ferrucio Lamborghini himself did not want his company to produce sports cars, but rather stately luxury vehicles a la Rolls Royce. When he saw what his engineers were up to, he wisely gave it the okay, at least temporarily. Production was shut down just a few years later, but not until after the Miura had revolutionized the sports car world.

You can read more on the history and prestige -- and see many more pretty pics -- of the Miura SVJ at RM Auctions, at Silodrome or at Lamborghini's official site

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