Q-Tip took a huge loss when his brother-in-rhyme, Phife Dawg, passed away last month. But The Abstract has been finding ways to pay tribute to his fellow A Tribe Called Quest member.

Q-Tip has been relatively quiet on Twitter for awhile but several notable deaths including David Bowie and Maurice White have brought the rhymer back onto the social media site. Earlier this week, Q-Tip followed in tradition and released several posts dedicated to his longtime friend, the Five Foot Assassin.

"I miss my lil brotha so much right now.... He is my hero,” read Q-Tip's tweet. "I've never seen such a fighter. I'm sure u have been through this as well but. Know that in death there is signs and gifts abound.

Q-Tip also wrote about how the memory of Phife will live longer even as the late rhymer's body was laid to rest on Monday (April 4).

"He left me with the gift of unconditional love and brotherhood that will NEVER be lost with me… Ever,” Q-Tip wrote. "As we commit his body tomorrow his spirit is with us... I take comfort in knowing that GOD is the best of planners. I take comfort in knowing that divine order is certain… I take pride in having the blessing of knowing and having Malik in my life.”

The rest of the hip-hop world -- fans and rhymers alike -- continue to mourn. Phife Dawg was one of the most influential rappers and his death certainly leaves an empty space in the culture.

RIP Phife.

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