Prince's untimely passing on April 21 is being mourned by music fans everywhere, and since his death, there has been a plethora of rare footage being posted on social media. And a performance featuring The Purple One onstage with none other than Kendrick Lamar has now surfaced online.

In a clip from 2014, K. Dot takes the stage alongside Prince at Paisley Park for an album release party. The two perform "What's My Name," a track from Prince's 1998 quadruple set Crystal Ball to which Kendrick adds a rap verse.

Prince is backed by 3rdEyeGirl, the trio that would come to be his last backing band, and the album release is for Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum, two albums that were released in 2014 that showcased an eclectic batch of songs and that were accompanied by several televised performances.

The clip was posted on The Prince Museum's Facebook page.

Prince clearly saw himself as an influence and mentor for the younger generation of artists. That same year, Prince spoke to Rolling Stone about mentoring another Millennial superstar: Chris Brown.


“We’re all connected, right, we’re all brothers and sisters, and the minute we lock that in, we wouldn’t let anybody in our family fall. That’s why I called Chris Brown. All of us need to be able to reach out and just fix stuff. There’s nothing that’s unforgivable.”

Since his death, countless notables--from Van Jones to Talib Kweli to Lenny Kravitz--have expressed their grief through gratitude for how he directly affected their lives.

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