Who doesn't love Pharrell? The guy pretty much owned 2014 with 'Happy,' which is why he scored a few trophies at Sunday night's Grammy Awards.

While fans adore the charismatic artist, his appearance on 'The Simpsons' this week proves he's not so celebrated in the town of Springfield. Skateboard P, who played himself, was hired by Bart and Lisa Simpson to craft a new song paying homage to their city..

The two Simpson kids first tried to write the song themselves, which turned out to be a hilarious tune, pointing out everything that's wrong with their town.

Pharrell dons his signature Vivienne Westwood while singing 'Happy' for Mayor Quimby. It's what happens after his showcase that causes all the laughs. Take a look at the super producer's debut on 'The Simpsons' above.

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