The Stan Smith is the shoe of the moment. We know this because all the D-list non-influencers are buzzing about them and those guys usually know what’s up. So it’s no surprise to hear that Pharrell (who’s cooler than being cool) got in bed with adidas Consortium to bestow upon us their beautiful lovechild.

Taking a step away from the hand-drawn ones he did with Originals, P-Dubs gets his normcore on (normcore is so hot right now, duh), bringing us plebeians some beautifully reimagined, perfectly monochromatic Stans. Do the red ones remind us of the Red Octobers? Yes. Do we mess with them anyway? Yes.

The “Solid Pack” drops on September 20 at Packer Shoes in New Jersey, the second best state in the country. Also be on the lookout for some classic triple stripe leather bombers with double zip action, à la Pharrell at the Grammys, available exclusively online. Have fun spending one month’s rent on those.

[via Hypebeast]

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