The NFL season may be in the books, but there's still one last piece of business.

Bad Lip Reading is back with a second installment of its very popular bit on what it sounds like NFL coaches and players said. Why a second installment? Because the first was so good and, as anyone who's ever seen a semi-successful movie knows, when one is decent, sequels are bound to spring up.

The only difference is that while most sequels fail to live up to the original, this one is pretty darned good. What's not to love? If anything, at least fans have something to keep them entertained for the next few months while they endure the wait until the season kicks off. There's mock drafts, more mock drafts, free agency and then training camp.

So, while you suffer through the warm months and salivate over the thought of drafting a brand new fantasy team, at least you can get a laugh in the meantime.