Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Super Bowl is on the horizon, but let's be honest -- this is the most highly-anticipated part of the NFL season.

Yup, its "NFL 2016: Part One — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL." More entertaining than Peyton Manning yelling, "Omaha," funnier than Kirk Cousins shouting, "You like that?," and more riveting than anything Bill Belichick has ever said  in any press conference, this compilation is the perfect way to honor the season that's coming to a close.

The only way this video could possibly be funnier is if there was a clip of Johnny Manziel imploring his Browns teammates, "We're a good team" because A) no one has ever said that this century about the Browns and B) it disproves the notion that "it's funny because it's true."

Part one of this is great and we're looking forward to seeing if part two is just as good because, as the Seahawks proved with last year's inexplicable pass in the closing seconds of the Super Bow, going back to back ain't easy.