Mike Tyson is in Canada, doing some live performances of his very popular one-man show. While in Toronto, he told reporters that he thinks Rob Ford is the "best mayor in Toronto history." (We're not arguing, champ!) But things got awkward when Tyson agreed to do a live TV interview with all-news network CP24.

It all starts when the Canadian news bro asks Tyson how he would respond to critics who might suggest that the endorsement of a convicted rapist would actually hurt Rob Ford's campaign for mayor. Not a smart thing to bring up with Tyson on live television.

Tyson responds with, "You come across like a nice guy, but you're really a piece of shit" and spends the rest of the 90-second interview looking like he's about ready to eat dude's face off. We gotta give props to the reporter for keeping his cool throughout, though, and continuing with the interview. Any normal human being would have peed himself and run off stage, because that's really the only reaction you can have to an angry Mike Tyson calling you a piece of shit multiple times in front of millions of people. Per TMZ, Tyson's rep says he was blindsided by the comment. It all mercifully ends with this lovely back and forth:

"Thank you for coming in, Mike."

"Fuck you."


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