Christmas 2015 has been a time for celebration, warm moments with loved ones, and SO many #hoverboardfails. When you see someone on a hoverboard — or "swagway," as some like to call the motorized boards— the rider's invariably doing one of two things:

1. Balancing on said hoverboard, mildly teetering while texting
2. Falling down.

A quick perusal of Twitter and Instagram yields a treasure trove of hoverboard mishaps. Gawkers (some of whom may secretly wish they also had a hoverboard, but are afraid to shell out and/or risk injury) are nevertheless eager to watch the ever-entrancing spectacle of a fellow human biting it. Others are unable to resist the year's hottest toy, choosing to jump into the fray with both feet. You know, both feet on the hoverboard. Until they fall down.

Mike Tyson, apparently, is one of the daring.

Tyson makes a real go of it at first, joyfully spinning in circles on the slick lacquered wood floor while an off-camera voice pleads, "Daddy please, I don't want you to fall." When the boxer's confidence rises after staying upright for 5 seconds, he rolls forward — and that's when he loses control of the board and he (ALL TOO CONVENIENTLY?) lands on the nearby carpet, his back making a painful-sounding smack as he hits the floor.

To paraphrase Tyson's fourth hashtag/Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon series: We, as a nation, are all getting too old for this sh---.

Do you have a hoverboard? Have you wiped out? Do you call "fake" on Tyson's video, or are you simply content to enjoy a good look at a grown man falling down? Let us know.

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