Yeah yeah, so we gave Canada a few seconds in the spotlight earlier this week. But now it's time to celebrate the Stars and Stripes. Centuries ago, our founding fathers courageously declared "America, fuck yeah!" and created this beautiful bastion of Kid Rock and corn subsidies, so it's your duty to throw the illest Independence Day cookout in their honor. And if you don't want it to devolve into a bunch of drunks with full-on patriotism boners awkwardly hovering by your grill in silence, you best spin our July 4th playlist.

Below, we've compiled a melting pot of 29 songs that are (or should be) dominating 2014. The mix will ably guide your BBQ from peak afternoon meat sweats through to the chill vibes of dusk, so you'll be ready to experience the fireworks as one nation under Based God, indivisible, with liberty and swagness for all.

ANTENNA's July 4th Playlist:

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