Iggy Azalea

11 Music Stars Who Started as Pop Basics
Whenever a band or musician arrives with a fully realized, completely assured sound and aesthetic on their debut album, heaps of praise and accolades follow. Which makes sense, it is REALLY HARD to sound original and like you know what the fuck you're doing on your first album...
Here’s Your Labor Day Work and Twerk Playlist
Labor Day weekend offers us one last blast of summer before the clocks change and you're rolling out of work in the darkness, before all the betties pack up their side boob-friendly tank tops for winter storage. Before the suck. But don't get all melancholy...
2014 MTV VMA Performances, Ranked From Worst to Beyonce
The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards have passed. We made it. The vast majority of the show comprised yowling hags, flat jokes from Jay Pharaoh, and limp-dicked rock, all serving as one unworthy opening set for Beyoncé. Bey must've been backstage the whole time seeing this march of the basics before her Beyoncé medley and laughing like Team Iceland when the Mighty Ducks first bumbled onto the ice in D2
ANTENNA Picks the 2014 MTV VMA Winners
Ah, it's time for the MTV Video Music Awards, that annual pop-culture game of "Top this!" that nobody even really cares about but you have to watch and comment on anyway because everyone thinks everyone cares about it. Let's be honest, we know Iggy Flopzalea is going to win all the VMA trophies, but we're gonna go ahead and let you know who we at ANTENNA are rooting for in each category
Iggy Azalea Has a Dirty Pop Star Past
Here at ANTENNA, opinions are split on Iggy Azalea. Half of us think she can rap, the other half... no. Half of us think she's exceedingly hot. The other half ... well, none of us are really going to kick her out of bed. Anyway, none of that matters now because here is evidence that Iggy Azalea wasn't always the Iggy Azalea that gives us the feels today...

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