During last night's exclusive Jordan Remastered Retro event in New York City, Jordan Brand's VP of footwear, David Schechter, released information confirming that the Air Jordan III had seen its last release (the "Sport Blue" IIIs) for the foreseeable future, also saying that there were no plans to release another version of the sneakers as of now. Schechter said last night, "The Air Jordan 3 is going back in the vault. The last color just dropped."

The reasoning behind the heartbreaking news is, per Schecter, to "reset" the model, something that fans may not want to hear, but logically seems necessary in the long run for Jordan Brand.

It wasn't all bad news for the IIIs, though. Schechter did state that when the sneakers do eventually come back, they will be fully remastered, referring to the new standards and practices that Jordan will incorporate when making all of its retros starting Spring 2015 and beyond. After having a hands-on experience with the remastered retros, we can tell you guys that you should start saving every penny for whenever the fully remastered IIIs do return to retail. Jordan Brand legitimately took it back to the OG days and the quality of the sneaker is bar-none. It's safe to say that at the price point the new remastered Jordans are set to release at (about $20 more than prices now), there will be no sneaker on the market that can even come close to these sneakers, quality-wise.

We're excited to see the younger generation get a taste of what an OG Jordan felt like, but we're even more excited to see all of the retired sneaker collectors give in and joyfully cop the remastered sneakers — the kicks that made them fall in love with sneakers in the first place.

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