Last week, we told you guys about Jordan Brand's Remastered Retro Event that we attended, and today the official photos have been released. The Remastered Retro event helped explain how the sneaker giant will take a more vigorous approach to making quality retro sneakers in the future, and went so far as to teach the small audience how the sneakers are made, step by step. The photos above will help quench all of the thirst y'all got for the sneakers' eventual release in Spring 2015 and all future Jordan retros thereafter.

At the event, Jordan Brand’s Vice President Category Footwear Lead, David Schechter, Footwear Engineering Director Michael Hochdoerffer, and Footwear Product Line Manager Jeff Atienza gave the small group a hands-on look at what was to come in the future, while helping to explain why Jordan decided to dive head first into this new direction with retros. Knowledge bombs were dropped all around, and we were lucky enough to get confirmation on the halting of future Jordan III retros (momentary, we hope).

To get a look behind closed doors of the event, check out the photos above that help show in a much better light (and on a much better camera) just how good the new remastered series is going to be.

Make sure to stay tuned to ANTENNA for any future release information and all of the who, what, where, and when of all-important Jordan information. Also, let us know in the comments below if you're messing with the new remastered series and what sneakers you wish to see come back in the future.

P.S. Footwear Product Line Manager, Jeff Atienza, wanted to make it perfectly clear that the Navy Blue paint you'll see on the "Columbia" IVs will not be the final paint used when the shoe is mass produced.

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