If you're not really all that hype for the return of NFL football to your television screens and hence the ending of your social life on Sundays, Mondays and yes, Thursdays, then first of all: You're a loser. Secondly, perhaps we can interest you in Thursday Night's intro song, which will now be "Run This Town" by Jigga and RiRi. Yes, CBS of all networks is going hip-hop. From FOX Sports:

Each Thursday night game will kick off in style, as CBS Sports and NFL Network announced that the opening theme song will be a star-studded performance that features musical artists Jay Z and Rihanna and actor Don Cheadle.

As Jay Z and Rihanna perform their award-winning song "Run This Town," Cheadle will narrate a customized preview of that night's game.

"This open combines one of music's biggest stars with one of the most dynamic actors in Hollywood," said CBS Sports creative director Pete Radovich, who directed and produced the theme, via the NFL. "The energy that both talents provide gives the opening to every Thursday night the big-game, primetime feel it deserves. It is a dream scenario for any director."

Get ready for a weekly rendition of this on CBS, including that "customized preview" narration. BY DON FUCKING CHEADLE:

At the very least, it beats the Sunday Night Football Carrie Underwood garbage. How we've missed you, NFL.

[via XXL]

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