Should I buy a Lamborghini?

Ah yes, one of those age-old questions. Recently we went over all the reasons you should procure yourself a Maserati. So naturally our brains moved right along to another spectacular Italian supercar, the Lamborghini. We wanted avoid all the standard reasons everyone could have guessed (women, international sex appeal, women, etc.) and show you a few things you might not know about what it means to own a Lamborghini. For example ...

Batman will want to be you:

It comes with built-in breathtaking landscapes:

You can change your family crest to a badass bull (if you even have a family crest, you non-Lambo owner):

They'll let you park on the grass:

You and your Lamborghini-owning friends get to take over the Golden Gate Bridge anytime you want:

The boring parts of the world will gradually fade away into a blur:

The laws of physics do not apply to you or your new buddy, Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer:

Car-sized blanket included:

You can fly it to space:

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