Wait, travel mugs? You may be wondering why we're devoting precious internet square footage to something like travel mugs, but allow us to retort: a good travel mug is a wise investment you will grow to appreciate more and more. Especially if it's one of these five travel mugs.

A lot of us are little better than zombies until we get our aromatic morning caffeine jolt. If that sounds like you, then you might need several infusions of mocha or coffee throughout the day in order to keep from reverting back to the land of the dead or deep slumber. With that thought in mind, we’ve come up with a list of five handy, unusual designer travel mugs to keep your tea or coffee warm — or to keep a cold beverage frosty. They're versatile, see? And they ain't too shabby-lookin' either. From quaint, arty designs, to high tech containers, these mugs should help you get your daily caffeine fix on. You’re welcome.

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