We may all be able to tool around the skies like superheroes if this video is to be believed.

Zapata Racing has introduced Flyboard Air, which looks like some of travel-sized rocket designed for, well, travel above ground. It makes the hoverboard look like a tricycle by comparison.

Zapata boasts the board, which has been in development for four years, can reach speeds up to 93 miles per hour at an altitude up to 10,000 feet for as long as 10 minutes -- all of which leads to some skepticism about whether or not this is real because, you know, sometimes things on the internet are not real (yeah, shocker, we know).

And, to be fair, those figures are not on display in the accompanying video.

To quell the roar of doubters, Zapata made another video, which it posted  on Facebook:

If you're intrigued -- and you know you are -- we've got some bad news: the Flyboard will not be on sale this year. As a matter of fact, there's no date when it will go on the market and there's no price point, which is important because we have a hunch that if this is indeed the real deal it's going to cost just a wee bit more than, say, a pack of gum.

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