Having a proper home bar is mainly about stocking it with great booze, but if you want to be the kind of host who can tend that bar with talent and style, perhaps these seven handy bar gadgets are just what you need:

Floating Chain Wine Bottle Holder


The floating chain wine-bottle holder is one of those gadgets that doesn't necessarily make life easier, but it does provide a sweet way of displaying a bottle of vino. It's the kind of gadget that instantly adds a unique flair to your home bar. And if you're a DIY kind of guy, you can even make one yourself while your beard grows. An instant conversation piece.

Death Star Ice Mold


Geeks like to have a drink every once in a while too, so this one's just for you. Please the crowd before the next Star Wars trailer comes out with little ice Death Stars that can melt away without the loss of a single Gold or Red Leader. Get a few Death Star Ice Sphere Molds and keep them on hand for making awesome Star Wars-inspired ice balls. Rebel fighters notwithstanding, a larger ice ball is great in a mixed drink because they're slower to melt than smaller cubes. Keep a bag of these Death Stars in your freezer and see which of your friends even notice they're drinking away the Empire. Eight-year-old you would be so proud.

Shot Dispenser


Every great house party has shots -- and every great bartender must keep those shots a-coming. With this rotary shot dispenser, you can have your favorite shooters ready to go at a moment's notice. The caddy rotates for easy access to all your liquors, and the spring-loaded dispenser will help you pour a perfect 1.5-ounce shot every time, saving you alcohol if you tend to over-pour. (And who doesn't over-pour at their home bar?) Frankly, any home bar becomes the place to be with this gadget.

Mini Kegerator & Dispenser


If you like a fresh brew from the tap but haven't quite gone so far as to start your own home-brew hobby, the mini kegerator is just the gadget for you. This little guy will fit right on your bar top and keep your mini keg at just the right temperature. When you're ready for a cold one after a long day at work, just pull the tap and fill up your favorite frosty mug. Set it next to your shot dispsenser and your friends might forget they're at your house and not a bar. In fact, set out a tip jar and see how you do.

Cocktail Cyclone


Have a lot of martini-drinking friends? This gadget will save your head from spinning (and your arms from aching) by doing the spinning itself. With the press of a button, the Cocktail Cyclone will spin that cocktail shaker to a perfect blend. Party guests can watch in amazement as their drinks are whirled into a frenzied blend of deliciousness. (Just don't say “frenzied blend of deliciousness” to them unless you want them to leave.)

Personal Breathalyzer


The key trait of an excellent home bartender is his concern for his guests. That's why any good host should have a digital personal breathalyzer on hand. This gadget is as simple as it gets. You just turn it on, wait until it indicates it's ready, breathe into it until it beeps, and then find out your blood-alcohol level. Make sure your guests use it before they drive and then be ready to summon an Uber driver if they blow over the legal limit. You should always make sure your guests have fun in your home bar, but their safety is the top priority. (And 25 dollars is way less expensive than a DUI.)

Rapid Beverage Chiller

Crate & Barrel

Maybe you've come home with someone who'd like a glass of white wine at the end of the evening, but since you don't usually drink it you don't have any chilling. No worries. Just pop your best bottle into the Rapid Beverage Chiller and in about three minutes you'll have a cool bottle of wine. Chill any can or bottle of liquid 90 times faster than in the fridge, and take advantage of the “no spin” setting for a delicate wine.