Well, this is, ahem, interesting.

Dos Equis has officially unveiled its newest "Most Interesting Man in the World," replacing Jonathan Goldsmith, who starred in the long-running and popular ad campaign that was put to bed back in March.

It's never easy to replace a legend, so this fella has his work cut out for him, which, of course, begs the question: who is this guy, anyway?

His name is Augustin Legrand and he's a 41-year-old French actor, who happens to deliver his line -- yes, just one line of dialogue -- in Spanish. It's not the language that captivates people in this ad campaign, though. It's the Indiana Jones-meets-James Bond-meets-Buzz Aldrin-level of action he portrays that does the trick. You know: he's the guy women want and men want to be.

Whether this new character, who looks like he could be the son of the original star, injects the same kind of jolt into Dos Equis' sales as his predecessor does remains to be seen and you can bet it will be -- yes, interesting -- to see the reaction.

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