Monday night, ESPN basketball analyst and former NBA player Jay Williams posted a photo to Twitter of himself and Justin Bieber.

Let's just discuss the elements of this photo for a moment, with no further analysis:

  • They are on a private jet.
  • Williams is wearing sunglasses.
  • Williams is mean-muggin' the camera.
  • Bieber is wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat.
  • Bieber is throwing up the "West Side" hand sign.
  • Bieber is drinking VOSS water.
  • Bieber looks sober not at all.

It almost looks like Jay Will is asleep under those shades, actually. But by far the best part of the tweet is the caption: "Spending the last 2 hours with @justinbieber was truly inspiring. He is changing lives. #BELIEVE"

Congratulations Jay, you are now a full-fledged Belieber.

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