Justin Bieber had a run-in with his potential Eskimo Brother Orlando Bloom at a nightclub in (where else?) Ibiza early this morning, resulting in Bloom doing God's work by taking a swing at Bieber's punchable little prick face. In the video below, you can see Bloom aiming right at Bieber's smug little mouth, although it may have been more of a head-shove or slap than a punch, and the bodyguard was able to step in before things escalated. We don't advocate violence, but we have no problem luxuriating in the warm glow of Bieber schadenfreude. Join us:

The two have had bad blood ever since Bieber was caught snuggling up to Bloom's then-wife Miranda Kerr in 2012 after a Victoria's Secret fashion show, and then Bloom was seen partying with Bieber's on again/off again bae Selena Gomez earlier this year. Below is TMZ's video of the aftermath. According to the site, club patrons applauded when Bieber ran out of the club. As did the world. As did the world.

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