Action Bronson has a reputation for throwing fans off of the stage and he continues to build on that after he tossed another one during his show at Terminal 5 in New York City Tuesday night (March 24).

While the Queens rapper was performing “Amadu Diabolo," off his Party Duo-produced mixtape, Blue Chips 2, he suddenly dropped his mic, walked swiftly to one side, grabbed a guy who made his way onto the stage and hurled him back into the crowd. What makes things more interesting is that Action strolled casually back to his mic and resumed the show like nothing happened. You can see exactly what went down in the video recorded by filmmaker Marc Cersosimo above.

As we previously mentioned, the "Easy Rider" rapper has had his run-ins with fans in the past. In June 2013, Action was just finishing up "Pouches of Tuna" when a fan hopped onstage. Right before jumping into "Steve Wynn," the rapper body slams the kid WWE-style at the Boston show. Then last year in North Carolina, he punched a fan who "flew three rows back into the crowd," a concert-goer recounted on Twitter.

In more non-violent news, Action was in town to celebrate the release of his new album, Mr. Wonderful, and bring the Wonderful Truck -- the same food truck he took to SXSW -- directly to foodies. That's a perfect way to promote his new web series, F---, That's Delicious. Workers on the truck served chicken cutlet sandwiches to fans outside Terminal 5.

You can grab your copy of Mr. Wonderful now on iTunes.

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