If you're not hip to the "Fuck, That's Delicious" series that Munchies has going with Action Bronson, you are fast fucking asleep. Wake the fuck up, idiot.

FTD is quite possibly the best thing on the Internet. So when a new episode pops up, we stop everything and watch it from start to finish, taking notes and nodding like a nerdy kid sitting front row in high school math class.

In Episode 3, Mr. Wonderful travels through England, using words like "indigenous," eating everything is sight and begging to get his salad tossed. When Bronson hits the Lahore Kabob House in London, for example, he points out the homie working the lamb chops in the kitchen: "Man, the real star of the show — this is called Michael Jackson lamb. This man's sole purpose in life is to grill lamb chops to perfection. Every single time someone orders it. He has no sex ever. He just grills lamb, that's it."

That quote is second only to, "Listen, bottom line, I look at a motherfuckin' girl, she's getting pregnant. I'm fertile. You want kids? You want kids with blue eyes, nice hair, well-spoken, good schools? I'm your guy."

Just click play already.

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