We're currently in the holiday season as shoppers are looking for the perfect gift to give to their friends and family members on Christmas Day. If you're like most people, finding that ultimate gift can be difficult and stressful, whether we want to admit it or not.

With that being said, hip-hop fans can be some of the most difficult people to shop for. Many older adults may not be in tune with the latest trend or what items are considered hot on the scene or where to unearth that unexpected gem of a present.

So in an attempt to alleviate some of the pressure, we did some digging for you to ensure that your gifts aren't looked at like a lump of coal. Ranging from clothing to gadgets and everything in between, this style guide has something for hip-hop fans of all ages and demographics.

Here are 25 gifts for the East Coast rap fan that will make their holidays more cheerful. Enjoy!

25 Gifts Every Drake Fan Needs to Make Their 'Hotline Bling'

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