Ghostface Killah is taking the reins of the next album by Wu-Tang Clan. In an interview with HipHopDX, Tony Starks explained that RZA asked him directly to steer the future of the famed collective as they attempt to put aside their differences yet again and press forward with a new project.

But Ghostface says he isn't interested in doing anything that isn't done right.

“RZA put the ball in my hand. He said ‘Yo, I want you to do it,’" Ghost explained. "And I been wanting to do it, and that’s a big test for me right there.”

“It’s not what you do it’s how you do it. It has to be done right. If it don’t fit then we can’t do it. It’ll just have to be done nice. That’s it. People can’t talk about it unless it’s good.”

The Wu's last major release was 2014s A Better Tomorrow. In 2015, they also released the limited-edition double album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, with only one copy pressed and sold for $2 million to controversial Turing pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli.

But Ghost wants to get the Wu back on the same page artistically and creatively. And he feels the best way to do that is to lead the way.

“I’m going to do my part first and let them know what I did and then have them listen to that and follow my lead," he explained. “I could be wrong, but my ears are my judgment. My heart tells me what’s right. But then again it might be somebody unexpected that blows everybody away. That’s how the Clan be. You never know who’s going to blow the track.”


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