Young Thug's highly anticipated 1017 Thug 2 mixtape dropped last night (July 10), and while we knew the sequel to his breakout tape would have its share of bizarre moments, we never could've guessed the thing everyone would be talking about was the frigging album cover. But here we are: Some internet sleuths noticed that the cover image features Thug's head Photoshopped onto a photo of Wiz Khalifa.

We were pointed to this by It's the Real, and this is totally fucking real, you guys. As you can see up top, on the left is a promo shot from Wiz's Flat Fitty campaign from September 2013, and next to that is Thug's cover image. The jacket, the hands, the chains, it all matches up — there's no doubt Thug's head was plopped onto a touched-up version of Khalifa's body.

So what on Earth is going on here? Either this is some sort of inside joke between the Brick Squad MC and the Taylor Gang honcho... or someone on Thug's team got mad lazy and now they have some explaining to do. Either way, the YSL/1017 lifestyle is even more entertainingly weird than we thought.

We've reached out to both camps for some clarity on this pressing issue. In the meantime, stream or download 1017 Thug 2 here.

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