The music industry has a reputation for providing an out-all-night and party-all-the-time atmosphere. That kind of vibe doesn't really put hip-hop and R&B stars in the best position to settle down and have a family.

However, there are many rappers and singers who are parents and aren't shy about sharing their family moments with fans. Whether it's posing for photos with their children on social media or showcasing what it's like to balance life as both a parent and a rapper by doing a reality show, it's clear that these artists love their kids. And for their sons and daughters, they aren't the megastars winning awards and performing on sold-out tours; they're just dear old mom or dad.

So with Father's Day a few days away, The Boombox has looked through some of our favorite artists' Instagram accounts and picked out the sweetest moments fathers have with their kids. So be prepared to see these adorable photos and say, "Aww." Check out 10 Rappers and Singers Who Prove Being a Dad Is Awesome.

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