The Major League Baseball season isn't even two weeks old yet, but we've already learned that offense appears to be nothing more than a rumor. Maybe pitchers like Carter Capps are the reason why.

Capps, a right-handed reliever for the Miami Marlins, has one of the more unusual deliveries you'll ever see. He's actually been kicking around the majors since 2012, but his kooky hop before he fires the ball is only now raising eyebrows.

Capps is a member of the bizarre windup fraternity and carries the torch now as the bearer of the title of most unusual pitcher, since the ambidextrous Pat Venditte is in the minors.

Capps' motion certainly looks illegal, but he gets away with it. "They [Major League Baseball] just said they wanted me to make sure I dragged my foot and not get too elevated in the air, and make sure it's more on a lateral plane," Capps said. "As long as I do that, they have no problem with it."

Still, you'd have to think it throws off the focus of hitters, wouldn't you?

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