Preseason football: a time for the fourth-string quarterback to fire wobbly screen passes to an undrafted rookie free agent from an NAIA school who'll be cut and selling insurance with his father-in-law by the end of the month.

What we're saying is preseason football is just not that exciting.

Telemundo's Epigmenio Guerrero, though, does not agree. Listen as he simply goes off the rails with his "goooooaaaaallllll" call after the Packers' Mason Crosby nails a 25-yard field goal during Thursday night's exhibition game against the Patriots.

Needless to say (but we'll say it, anyway) you can only imagine the level of frenzy Guerrero would've reached had this been a regular season game. And let's not even ponder the possibility of his brain exploding if this was a playoff game.

Guerrero's enthusiasm, misplaced though it may be, is certainly different. He may not be Al Michaels or Joe Buck, but he could definitely make Sundays in the fall even more entertaining.

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