There’s boxing. There’s kickboxing. Now there's a sport with just plain ol' kicking.

Anyone who’s a glutton for punishment or who has legs they don't mind being hit harder  than a pitcher on one day's rest may be interested in the Shin Kicking Championships, a sport that’s played in Britain that will make you wonder what they're drinking on the other side of the pond that would convince them to do this.

The rules are sparse. Two competitors hold onto each and kick each other in the groin. The first person to fall loses. That's it.

Competitors stuff straw into their pants to decrease the pain and can only kick between the ankle and the shin.

Shin kicking is one of the events at the Cotswold Olympics, which is made up of a series of games for people in Gloucestershire.

And if you think the sport isn’t painful enough, keep this in mind – it’s best out of three, which means after you’ve been bludgeoned once, you get to stand back up and do it all over again.

In the US, this sport is more well-known as "little brother is angry and doesn't know how to express himself." Still not sold on it? Check out these other videos below and decide if you have what it takes to give it a kick.

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