Last night on Inside the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal stepped off the stage to do who knows what and then there was a massive crashing sound: the very big man had taken a very big tumble.

Now, Shaq's been known to engage in some slapstick comedy in the past -- though usually with props, like a Christmas tree or a cookie -- meaning it's possible this whole incident was a setup. Why he would want to deliberately pull this off is a mystery, but who really knows what makes a man like Shaq tick. The guy's head is way the hell up there, maybe the air pressure's different or something.

Anyway, looks like Shaq got his foot tangled in some wires that were under the desk. Could Ernie Johnson be to blame? Shaq immediately accused the straight-man host of orchestrating the chicanery, which Ernie denied, understandably. Shaq's a good sport and all, but it's probably never a good idea for a diminutive dude like Ernie Johnson to publicly humiliate and possibly injure a man of Shaq's size -- and we bet Ernie is crystal clear on that.

The last bit of evidence that this is all a work by Shaq himself? He got on the old Twitter machine and offered $500 for the best meme-erized version of his fall:

And the results have been pretty sweet thus far. Here are a few highlights from #ShaqtinAFall:

Come on, Internet, keep 'em coming.

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