Remember Shaq in Orlando? He was young, not fat, pulled down entire backboards, and had legend Penny Hardaway as a teammate. He also had an amazing run of Reebok sneakers that captured the spirit of the early to mid '90s perfectly. Back then the silhouettes were big, clunky, technological, and loaded with comfort. Shaq's sneakers were no different, and the retro look of the Shaq Attaq IV proves it. The sneaker was the first of its kind to feature Insta Pump, which was literally a cartridge you attached to the sneaker to pump CO2 into the sneaker for added support. In 2014, the pump still looks really fucking cool, even if the technology doesn't hold up.

The sneaker retails for $140 and can be picked up at Jimmy Jazz, Shiekh, Villa, Shoe City, and Eblens.

Here's Shaq talking about the shoe:

P.S. No idea why Sway is in these photos, but it's Sway Dizzle so we don't ask any questions.

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